Memphis offers “the right live/work/play environment” for Millennials, a recent report found. Young adults are flocking to the Bluff City.

College is the best time to explore a new city. For students at the University of Memphis, there is plenty to do on and off campus. Below are just a few things every Tiger should do before graduating.


The Bluff City is known for its barbecue (and for that, you should definitely eat Central BBQ. But there are many mouthwatering and diverse restaurants worthy of your patronage. Here are three that stand out:

Chings Hot Wings claims to have “the best damn wings” in town and it’s no joke. Customers get a lot for the rock-bottom prices they pay. I highly recommend the honey gold wings.

Pizza is a crowd pleaser, and it’s hard to mess up. But Aldo’s Pizza goes above and beyond. Grab a slice of the Vodka Pie.

Huey’s has been flipping burgers in Memphis since 1970. The restaurant may be more synonymous with the city’s culture than any other. Bring a Sharpie and write on the walls or put a toothpick in a straw and shoot it at the ceiling. Every burger is worth ordering at least once, but after biting into the Sunshine Burger — which features cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, bacon and a fried egg — there’s no going back.

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