Adall Jackson has been a part of the Huey’s family for over 20 years now, and we’ve loved every moment with her! She enjoys spending time with her daughter, son and adopted grandbaby, and is one of the most dependable people you’ll ever meet. Some may view her as stoic, but you can be sure every word out of her mouth will be insightful (and maybe sprinkled with a little sass)!

Adall’s Huey’s tenure began when she started working at the Downtown location, which is where she first met longtime Huey’s owner Thomas Boggs. Adall recalls how sincere and personal Boggs was with his staff. “He was always looking out for me. He truly cared and wanted to know how each of us was doing.”

It didn’t take long for Thomas to realize what a hard worker Adall was. When he was ready to expand to another location, it came as no surprise when he asked Adall to help him open the new store. “He trusted me and I would have gone anywhere I was needed to help him.”

For 20 years, much of her job has involved lovingly preparing the renowned Huey’s onion rings. “It’s so calming when you focus in on what you have to do and really get in the zone. It can be like music, even among the chaos of the kitchen.”

She holds herself and the food she prepares to a high standard. “If I wouldn’t eat it, it’s not going out!”

Her favorite aspect of working in the restaurant industry is knowing people want to come share memories and enjoy the food she works so hard to prepare each day.

There’s no one like Adall and we’re so lucky to have had her as part of the Huey’s family for these 20 great years!