This year marks the 10th anniversary of our friend Brandy McKnight, who serves out of Huey’s Cordova!

Brandy says that her two favorite things about her job are by far her regular customers and her coworkers. And you can befriend a lot of regulars over 10 years. Some of her regular customers have left especially lasting impressions on Brandy and her coworkers, like an elderly couple who would dine at the restaurant every day. When the husband’s health was failing, many of the staff went to visit him so they could put a smile on his face like he always put on theirs.

“These people are truly like a second family for me and I love that. The staff all care for each other and we love getting to know our regular customers and be part of their lives. The coolest thing is when you get to see a regular from years ago and you instantly remember everything about each other and can pick up right where you left off.”

She also noted that it’s easy to do great work and have a good time when you have great management, which are a great balance of being laid back while also invested in their staff. She’s worked at other restaurants and says it’s just not like that most places.

“Our management support us and are always on the front lines with us, unlike what you might find at other restaurants.”

Brandy is a native Californian and a single mom of two wild boys. At ages 14 and 8, they keep her plenty busy when she’s not at work! “The flexibility I have working at Huey’s is huge because it allows me to be a mom first.”

Congratulations on 10 years of greatness, Brandy! We appreciate all you do!