We are excited to introduce you to Brian Davis who is celebrating 20 years with Huey’s! When he’s not working at Huey’s Southwind, where he bartends, you can usually find this outdoor enthusiast getting in touch with nature. He loves to take his camper out to state and national parks to hike and relax in the wilderness. He also enjoys cooking, grilling, going to see live music and traveling to visit his family in East Tennessee and North Carolina.

Brian initially began his Huey’s career as a food runner at the first Huey’s location in Midtown. Jon Roy, current Huey’s Midtown general manager, interviewed him and proudly hired Brian on the spot. He eventually transitioned from running food, to waiting tables and eventually to tending bar, which he does to this day.

Being with Huey’s for 20 years means Brian had his fair share of encounters with longtime owner Thomas Boggs, including making his signature vodka and cranberry for Thomas. In fact, he even helped train Thomas’s oldest son Alex – who is now the general manager at Huey’s Poplar – to be a food runner when Alex was 16.

Prior to his Huey’s tenure, Brian waited tables at another local restaurant. When asked what has kept him in the restaurant for so many years, Brian noted, “it’s freeing. You get to be yourself but it also challenges yourself in a fun way having to earn your tips.”

While he has enjoyed his time in the restaurant industry, Brian jokes that Huey’s is the only restaurant he’ll ever work for. “No other restaurant’s work environment can compare to Huey’s,” he said.

Brian said it is hard to pinpoint just one this that is his favorite part of working for Huey’s. “It’s just everything,” he said. “The coworkers are incredible, so much so that just about every manager he’s encountered at the store has commented on how close the Southwind team is. The fun and casual atmosphere with great food is the perfect setting to build lifelong relationships.”

Even though we’ve grown so much and have a lot more employees, it still feels like you’re working for a small mom-and-pop restaurant that cares for all its employees.

Congratulations on 20 fantastic years, Brian! We appreciate all you do!