Daniel Whisenton has been with Huey’s for an impressive 25 years, and we are so lucky to have him on our team!

When it comes to working in the restaurant industry, Daniel loves the fast-paced life that keeps him constantly on his toes, literally and figuratively. And at a place like Huey’s, he enjoys the excitement and fulfillment that comes with the hustle and bustle of a restaurant while simultaneously having a casual, laid-back work environment – something that might not seem possible.

He enjoys watching just about any sport, but he especially loves football and basketball. When he’s not cheering on the Dallas Cowboys or the Oklahoma Sooners, Daniel loves digging into the latest world news or reading up on politics and stocks.

Daniel began his Huey’s tenure as part of the late-night kitchen crew at the Downtown location. Although he sometimes worked into wee hours of the morning, he always had a blast closing the store with his Downtown friends. That location also gave him unique opportunities like getting to interact with the huge crowds during Memphis In May.

He’s picked up shifts at most of the Huey’s locations over the years, but Downtown and Cordova were always Daniel’s main stores.

Thinking back on his earlier years with the company, Daniel recalls getting to interact with longtime Huey’s owner Thomas Boggs. “He was always such a nice person to be around and was so generous with his time, even though I’m sure he was always busy,” Daniel said.

“Thomas did a lot of great things for the kitchen crew especially. He always made a point to speak to us when he was in the stores and we felt like we were truly a priority in his eyes.”  

One of Daniel’s favorite things about the company is the comradery among his coworkers. “We’re a family at Huey’s – we look out for one another and help each other out when needed. But most importantly, and the end of the day, we just have fun together.”

“If I could tell the Boggs family one thing, it would be to thank them for providing such a great work environment at all 10 locations,” he said.

Congratulations on 25 outstanding years, Daniel! We can’t thank you enough for all you do!