Photo Credit to Commercial Appeal

This past Friday we gathered up our old, used equipment and unloaded a trailer and a half full to The Commercial Appeal’s e-cycling event.  At 9:00am, they already had a full parking lot, and we were happy to add more to it.  We dumped old phones, micros, computers, and much more.  This event, sponsored by both The Commercial Appeal and Downtown Memphis Commission, invited 5R Processors out for one day, to allow Memphis citizens to e-cycle all unwanted equipment.  As many  may not know, it is hazardous to simply trash technology like one would a used paper towel.  This is where companies, such as 5R Processors, come in handy. They are specifically designed to get rid of hazardous material safely.

If you missed this one-day event, have no fear.  There are other resources around town, where you can take your junk.  For example, used alkaline batteries can be dropped off at any Home Depot, Radio Shack, or Best Buy.  You can take all hazardous waste to Memphis’ permanent site in Bartlett on their designated days.  Also, check out 5R Processors and what they can do for you any time.  There are other similar companies to 5R Processors in the Memphis area as well.  In order to find the nearest recycling depot to your home, you can search Earth 911’s website.

If you have any more questions about what to do with your stuff, ask the Commercial Appeal Green Team on their Facebook page. They are very knowledgeable about these subjects.