If you have ever dined with us before, you have probably noticed all of the toothpicks in the ceiling. This is a long-time tradition at Huey’s, where customers can shoot them out of a straw and into the ceiling. This tradition has its own history, and veteran Huey’s customers have their own strategies on on the best way to get them to stick in the ceiling. We get so many questions about this, that we even created a video explaining it in more detail.

Our favorite part of this tradition is our annual frill pick contest that we host at every location. Once a year, we knock all the frill picks down, count them, and hold a contest to see who can guess how many were in the ceiling. The winners get Huey’s gift cards and 100% of the proceeds are donated directly back to The Memphis Zoo. In 2015, we donated over $10,000 to the zoo just from this contest alone.

Each location hosts their frill pick contest at a different time throughout the year, so you have 8 total changes to enter to win. Here is a list of when each location hosts theirs, so you can prepare and start counting:

Frillpick contest table tent sized 5x7