It is that time of year that many people anticipate, that time when the sugar induced comas are at an all-time high. The girl scouts have been out for several weeks now selling their cookies at establishments across the city.

We love the Girl Scouts of America and their delectable treats.  We host them outside of our restaurants, and we even participate in their local Memphis fundraiser every year.  Every March, they invite local restaurants to adapt their cookies into a signature dessert.  This year, we have chosen to take their Thin Mints and make it into a Chocolate Coffee Thin Mint Sliders, topped with fresh mint leaves and black cherries.  Yum!  The dessert was a hit, and everyone seemed to love it.  We were excited to have our desserts featured with so many other great restaurants, such as Half Shell, Interim, Circa, and Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Did you know that this year the Girl Scouts of America are celebrating their 100th anniversary?  Juliette Gordon Lowe founded this organization on March 12, 1912 in Savannah, GA.  She wanted to bring young women out of their homes, introduce them to community service, and help them grow “physically, mentally, and spiritually.”  The first troop only had 18 members, but now the organization has over 3.2 million members.  They have grown quite a bit!

To learn more about the Girl Scouts of America, visit their website.