Every summer Huey’s employees participate in a summer fundraiser to a different local organization and each store competes with other stores to gather the most donation items. This year is no different. Huey’s employees voted to partner with the Memphis Veteran Affair Medical Center through the months of August and September and it was a complete success! Overall, Huey’s employees donated a little over $11,000 worth of items! This is incredible! Thank you all of our stores for their generous donations to the VA! A big thank you goes out to our head servers at each store who collected, counted, bought and dropped off the items.

After coming up with a point system based on the price of the items donated, we award the store who has the most points with a bowling party or other party of their choice!  Congratulations to our Southwind location for winning through their hard work!

Everyone went above and beyond for this drive, and these impressive results definitely showed it. We truly are very proud of all of our employees and we know how much effort everyone put in!