Kaitlyn Peel is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever have the joy of knowing.

When she’s not at Huey’s, you can find her playing her acoustic guitar, hanging out with friends, playing video games or spending time with her husband Blake and their two dogs, Kylo and Omar.

Kaitlyn has spent the majority of her Huey’s tenure working for Huey’s Southaven but has recently been serving at Huey’s 10th location, which recently opened in Olive Branch, MS.

Prior to Huey’s, this Memphis native worked for another restaurant locally. Kaitlyn says she has been drawn toward working in the restaurant industry because it gives you the perfect chance to brighten someone’s day. “I want to give my customers the same friendly dining experience that I enjoy when I go out to eat,” she said. “Food already makes people happy, so being able to provide good food and service together can be a great way to make people’s day and give them a reason to smile.”

One of Kaitlyn’s favorite things about working for Huey’s is the opportunity to meet a bunch of people from all walks of life. “It’s given me friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise,” Kaitlyn said. “When I find something that makes me happy, I stick with it, which is easy to do when you have the Boggs sisters leading the company.”

During her time at Huey’s, Kaitlyn has loved getting to know and interact with the Boggs sisters who lead the company. “It speaks volumes for them to be so involved in the community and to care enough about their employees to recognize those of us who have been with Huey’s for years and years,” she noted. “We’ve continued to grow over the years but to this day, every person who is hired at one of the stores instantly becomes part of the Huey’s family.”

Congratulations on an outstanding decade, Kaitlyn! We’re so thankful to have you!