Kathy Neil is the definition of a Huey’s veteran. After 35 years, she has worked at eight of the nine Huey’s locations and is willing to do any job to help out in the kitchen. She says that loyalty to her friend and longtime Huey’s owner Thomas Boggs is what kept her here after all these years.

“He always respected me, and I respected him. He was straightforward and a great person to work for,” she said.

Kathy remarked how much she’s enjoyed watching the business grow over the years, noting that the number of staff working in the kitchen at one time has more than doubled since she first started. She’s also loved getting to see Thomas’s children – and now grandchildren – grow up.

“I went from babysitting his sons Alex and Fulton, to working alongside them in the restaurant. They become like your own family,” she said.

As one of nine siblings, family is especially important to Kathy. She loves spending time with her daughter, son-in-law, three grandsons and lots of nieces and nephews. The whole family loves traveling and makes time every other year to take a trip for their family reunion. Kathy has traveled to Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, Jamaica and Niagara Falls, just to name a few. She’s even gone ziplining into the ocean while in Cancun!

Kathy says she’s not sure where her next trip will take her, but she’s very interested in visiting the Virgin Islands, Dubai or China. She also has a dream of riding a camel on one of her adventures!

When she’s not at work, you’ll likely find Kathy crafting to keep her creativity flowing. Kathy has made t-shirts, mugs, pillows, and even large cakes for her coworkers’ children.

“If I dedicate myself to something, there isn’t much that can deter me,” she said. She credits this positivity to her church, Olivet Fellowship Baptist.

“It’s important to stay compassionate, have sympathy for everyone around you and always tell the Lord ‘thank you,’” she noted.

She loves meeting new people, working through challenges and helping her coworkers with a kind hand and her expert Huey’s knowledge. We are so grateful for Kathy and don’t know what we’d do without her!

Congratulations on 35 wonderful years, Kathy!