Kenny Feemster has been with Huey’s for 15 years and is a server at the Southwind location. He works out at least six days a week, but don’t let his muscles intimidate you – Kenny is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet! He’s an all-around optimistic person who says he insists on being happy. He’s not one who is easily stressed, noting that things are bound to happen that are out of your control, so just prepare as best you can and roll with the punches.

When he’s not at Huey’s or working out, you can find this new homeowner doing projects around the house, playing video games, hanging out with his girlfriend and her two children, and tending to his rescue animals.

Although he was not initially interested in serving, Kenny quickly realized it was his passion. In his role, Kenny meets people from all walks of life, but his regular customers have a special place in his heart. He says it’s the mutual love and respect he has with his regulars that make their bonds so special. He’s even had the privilege of seeing one of his regulars since she started coming in with her family at age 13. She fell in love with the restaurant over the years – thanks in part to Kenny – and even ended up working at Huey’s! She’s now in nursing and invited Kenny to her wedding to share in the special day!

He jokes that if he ever leaves Huey’s it will be his last job in this industry because another restaurant job just couldn’t compare.

“I don’t think I could find another restaurant that truly allows staff to be ourselves and treats us like a family with love and respect. I’ve had so many great memories here over the years, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything!”

Congrats on 15 years, Kenny!