Kenny King began his Huey’s tenure at the Cordova location 10 years ago. He has also worked at the Germantown and Millington stores but says he was especially honored when he was asked to help open the Downtown location, where he currently resides.

When he’s not at work, this Memphis native enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife of 17 years and his five children. He’s incredibly proud of his kids for following their passions, whether that led them to become an assistant nurse, join the military, or work at Huey’s like their dad.

Kenny is full of joy and silliness to the point of bursting. He jokes that his coworkers have even caught him on camera dancing around the store!

His favorite thing about working at Huey’s is the amazing group of people he gets to work with.

“I love getting to work alongside my friends, who have really become like a family,” Kenny said. “We care about one another, so working here kind of gives you a home away from home.”

Kenny thrives in the hustle and bustle of a restaurant environment and says he enjoys the busy days because it keeps him motivated. As a shift leader, he enjoys the many opportunities his job presents to help inspire his team and push them to do great work.

“When you uplift the people around you and help them stay positive, everything just works better,” Kenny said. “Sometimes all it takes is a smile or cracking a joke to cheer someone up, and happy staff means happy customers!”

Kenny loves his job and says it’s the atmosphere that draws people in. “They treat you like you want to be treated whether you’re a guest or an employee, and that goes a long way.”

Congratulations on a successful decade, Kenny!