Lisa Corleone is a proud mother of two and a 10-year Huey’s veteran. Though she has worked in many roles at Huey’s over the years, today she stays busy serving and helping as a bookkeeper.

Lisa wisely says that everyone who has the opportunity to do so should be a server or work somewhere in the hospitality industry to help them learn about themselves and how to work as part of a team. She also joked that working in the restaurant industry taught her how to be on time, something she wasn’t traditionally known for.

She was born in Memphis before moving to Clinton, Mississippi. When she came back in 1999, she had her two beautiful children in tow and was ready to dive into all that the Bluff City had to offer.

While she was looking for a job in town, a friend recommended she apply at Huey’s Downtown. She was interviewed by one of the Downtown managers at the time and longtime Huey’s employee (now Area Director) Jimmy Lee. Following her interview, Lisa went to the restroom before leaving. As she walked back through the restaurant, her interviewers flagged her down and offered her a position right on the spot.

She said she’ll never forget what Jimmy Lee told her when she said she hadn’t been a server before. “I can teach you to be a server, but what you have I can’t teach,” he said.

And just like that – after the only interview she had done during that job search – Lisa walked out of her interview with a job that would be with her for years to come. She later learned the local chain was run by three sisters, which excited Lisa as she was looking for some strong female mentors in her life.

“Each of the Boggs sisters is so unique and I’ve learned something different from each one of them over these 10 years,” Lisa said. “They are strong in their own families, which directly translates to them making all of their employees feel like one big family.”

There are so many things Lisa loves about working for Huey’s, such as the flexibility, family atmosphere and not having to take her work home with her. She also noted that whenever she leaves work and has to go somewhere public while she’s still wearing a Huey’s shirt, someone will always stop her to say something positive about Huey’s.

“When you work for a company with integrity and heart, even when you go through hard times – like COVID – you’ll be taken care of,” she said. “I can’t say thank you enough to the owners and management who make this such a great place to work.”

Congratulations on one heck of a decade, Lisa! We are so grateful for all you do to make Huey’s the best it can be!