This year marks 10 years at Huey’s for restaurant industry veteran Lisa Pritchard. She was initially hired on a Valentine’s Day, and her love for the company has only grown since then!

“You can’t beat the family environment you get at Huey’s,” said Pritchard. “It’s important to care about your job, but it’s just as important that your job cares for you.”

Lisa enjoys multitasking, engaging with people and working under pressure, which certainly makes her a natural fit in the restaurant industry. Coming from the corporate side of the restaurant industry, she was eager to make the switch to Huey’s. Based on her experience, you are more than just a number at Huey’s, unlike what is often the case in a large corporate setting.

During her tenure at Huey’s, Lisa has served in multiple roles at three locations – Downtown, Millington and Germantown. She loves the comradery and close-knit bonds she has formed over the years with her crew, who she considers a second family.  

When she’s not at work, you’ll likely find her relaxing at home with her pets or traveling for her daughter Carissa’s athletic tournaments.

“These are things I wouldn’t be able to do in another job and I don’t take that for granted,” said Pritchard. “Working here has given me the flexibility to be there for my daughter before she goes to college and I will always be grateful to Huey’s for that.”

Congratulations on 10 awesome years, Lisa!