2021 is a huge milestone year for Lori Johns. In addition to it being her 25th wedding anniversary, it’s also her 30th anniversary of working at Huey’s! She and her husband even met when she was serving at Huey’s and he was a regular customer. The couple has two beautiful daughters – one who recently graduated from Ole Miss and another who is currently studying at Mississippi State. (Talk about a house divided!)

Lori stays plenty busy working three double shifts per week, bookkeeping and working the tables. When she’s not amid the hustle and bustle of Huey’s, Lori relaxes with reading, sitting on her porch and visiting her daughters. Now that they’re empty-nesters, Lori and her husband love taking trips to the beach and hanging out with their dog Raya and cat Athena.

She says the best part about working for Huey’s is the way they take care of their employees. When her kids were younger, Lori was able to take off summers to spend time with her family and she always knew she had a job waiting for her when she came back. Longtime owner Thomas Boggs even wrote a letter of recommendation for one of her daughters.

“Every person Thomas met was like his new best friend, Lori said. “He was extremely generous with his time and was always willing to open his heart and home to others. Today, Ashley (the second of Thomas’ three daughters) has that same effect on people.”

Over the years, Lori has had each of Thomas’ daughters as a general manager. She notes that the girls have followed so well in their father’s footsteps and don’t take their employees for granted.

“Honestly, I feel like I should have paid THEM for so many great years!”

We can’t thank Lori enough for such an amazing three decades! We appreciate all you do!