Photo Credit: Jeffrey Howard, Downline Ministries

Meet the Ray Family: Nick, Andie, and Anna Grace.  Not only they are a sweet and loving family, but they spend much of their time bettering the lives of many around the world.  Nick is a long time member of our Huey’s family, as he worked for us for 5 years.  Nick began working at Huey’s full-time.  Soon into his Huey’s career, he decided to return to school to pursue a teaching degree.  While still maintaining a part-time status, he began teaching third grade at Lausanne Collegiate School a couple years ago.  He left us last year, when mission work began to call his name.  Throughout much of this, Andie and Anna Grace have been his cheerleaders.

While there is a long term goal for both Andie and Nick to spend an extended period of time in Kitwe, Zambia in Africa in August of 2013, there are shorter trips that have been planned prior to this.  Last year, Nick spent a brief period of time in the region for mission work.  At the end of this month, both Nick and Andie will heading to Kitwe for a couple of weeks to work with the youth in the region.  Andie says for this trip, they will “walk beside them through their day to day lives”, educating them on trades and how to take care of their families and lives.

Nick and Andie work with the non-profit organization Heart of the Bride, whose primary mission is to provide for the needs of orphans around the world and “Share From Our Abundance With Those in Greatest Need”.  They found the organization through Andie’s work at a creative design agency and fell in love with their mission, values, and humble nature.  Over 90% of the organization’s revenue and donations goes directly to the kids and orphanages, which is very substantial for a non-profit organization.

Fundraising is always an important aspect of traveling abroad for mission work, and Nick and Andie have been pretty successful so far.  They held a BBQ Dinner, which we were gladly able to provide donations.  They also had a garage sale as well.  If you wish to help the Ray Family in their trip to Africa, you can donate online or send a check payable to:

HOB Ministries

P.O. Box 786

Niceville, FL 32588

Designate the check to “Ray Family Trip to Zambia 2012 Donation”.