In honor of St. Patty’s day, we will be offering the following specials:

2 for 1’s in Killians Draft Pilsners – $4.00
2 for 1’s in Guiness Draft Pilsners – $5.25
Killians Bottles – $2.25
Guiness Bottles – $4.00
Irish Car Bombs – $5.00
Jameson – $4.00

*Offers vary by store availability. Contact individual stores to determine availability.

Huey’s Poplar will be a part of the East Memphis Pub Crawl, sponsored by 98.1 The Max again this year. There are 10 participating bars and 2 shuttles running between all of them.

Huey’s Midtown will also be hosting the Irish Eyes again this year on Thursday, March 15th. To honor them, we will be hanging green balloons all up and down Madison Avenue. We will be the first stop on their Midtown to Downtown pub crawl. They will be stopping by for a drink or two around 8:30pm.

History of the Irish Eyes…
It all started when Mark Flanigan used to hold barbecues in his backyard for St. Patty’s Day from 1969-1971. He lived behind Ireland’s Restaurant, which is the same building that recently held Neal’s bar. By 1972, the barbecue was so big, it filtered into the restaurant. A couple years later, it expanded even more. Thomas Boggs, Mark, and Silky (from Silky O’Sullivan’s) all came up with the idea to have a pub crawl that started Downtown and ended in Overton Square. There were two headquarters for the crawl: Silky O’Sullivan’s (where it started) and Huey’s Midtown (where it ended). It was so big, that they used to have sponsors, like Budweiser. During this time, there was a lot of political problems in Ireland. The pub crawl was designed to raise awareness of these problems.

Today, the crawl has changed. Not as many people come in from Ireland. Now the group mainly consists of the Irish community in Memphis, plus a few visitors. On Thursday, there will be a car caravan leaving Silky’s at 7pm. They will pick up Irish guests from airport. From there, they will start bar hopping, stopping at Huey’s at around 8:30pm. They will stay at Huey’s for about 30min-1 hr, then go to Murphy’s, and then head to Beale. They will have a police escort, and it’s usually about 100 people.

On Saturday, they will start the pub crawl at Murphy’s. Then most of the people will go Downtown to see the parade. Some of the “originals” will come to Huey’s instead.