Tina Harris is humble and may seem soft-spoken when you first meet her, but don’t let that fool you. She’s one of the best and brightest around, with a smile that will light up any room.

Tina is a Memphian through and through and is a proud mother and grandmother. She loves spending time with all her family, but after a long day, Tina says that settling in for some ‘me time’ with a glass of wine and a good show or movie on Netflix is just what she needs. (We can all relate, Tina!)

The restaurant industry has always clicked with Tina. Prior to Huey’s, she spent time working for other restaurants locally. “I love the fast-paced atmosphere of restaurants,” Tina said. “There’s always something new and different, so no two days are the same.”

The restaurant industry is great, but Huey’s in particular has always held a special place in Tina’s heart. Having a flexible schedule allows her more time to spend with her loved ones, which means the world to her. “The family atmosphere, love and care at Huey’s can’t be beat,” she said.

“So many of the people I’ve met at Huey’s over the years have become like a second family for me, and the Boggs siblings are no exception,” Tina said.

She has enjoyed getting to spend time learning alongside the children of longtime owner Thomas Boggs. “Thomas raised his kids right and made sure they had a good work ethic, which carries on to this day,” she said.

“I’m so thankful they gave me this opportunity 15 years ago to be part of such a fun team.”

Congratulations on 15 fabulous years! It wouldn’t be Huey’s without you, Tina!