Did you know that only 32% of Shelby County Elementary school students are proficient in Reading? And 50% of American adults are unable to read simple materials such as a food label?

That is why we are partnering up with Literacy Mid-South and Memphis Athletic Ministries to help end illiteracy. Literacy Mid-South is an organization that provides literacy educational programs for adults and children to help them achieve the critical literacy skills they need to navigate the world. The program is called 86 Illiteracy where Huey’s guests will have the chance to add .86 cents to their bill to help raise funds for this amazing cause.

Each month, there will be a different location collecting donations from guests who would like to add 86 cents (or more) added to their bill.

Through the month of September, Huey’s SOUTHWIND will be collecting 86 cents donations!

So far, Huey’s Collierville raised $575 in October and Germantown raised $2,102 in November, Downtown rasied $1000 in February and Midtown raised $1,028!! This is fantastic!

We will keep updating this post every month.