Bonnie Pepper King, known as “Sunshine” at Huey’s Collierville, has been working at Huey’s for 15 years! She is known for her pure spunk, positivity and excellent service. We’re pleased to introduce her to you, and to congratulate her on 15 amazing years of service!

What is your favorite part of working at Huey’s?

Huey’s is my second family, it’s my home away from home, it’s my happy place. I began working here on a full-time basis after retiring from being an EKG tech for a pediatric cardiologist. On my 24th year working as an EKG Tech, I said, “You know what? I want a big change.” I always loved the food and beverage business, and I got myself right back into it and never turned back. I turned in my scrubs for a pair of sneakers and shorts and it was all so good.

What’s your favorite part of the restaurant industry?

I love the camaraderie. I love to see everyone stepping in and helping each other out. The fact that there are so many personalities and you can kind of recreate yourself and scoot in whatever group you want to be in is fantastic. I love the excitement of the rush and the beautiful presentation of great food.

I’m so proud to serve our burgers and onion rings to someone who has never dined with us before, because they’re amazing. They guest is getting ready to get wowed, and our kitchen does such a great job with it.

On the flip side of it, I’ve always been into local theater and getting ready to open up is like going on stage every day. It’s like, “Curtains up, lets go and do this.” And you put on your happy face and big personality and go and attack it and have a wonderful time. And when it’s all over, it’s all over. You do it the next day again, and every day is different.

What is your favorite memory from Huey’s?

My favorite memory might be my birthday party I created there. When I was a little girl, my mom used to have these birthday parties. Back in the 60s, McDonalds would do a house of hamburgers, so you could go pick up your house of hamburgers, take it to your house and have a birthday party with your friends. People would just dive in and grab a hamburger, and we would eat little burgers all night long at the slumber party. Well, when it rolled around to my 54th birthday, I decided I was going to recreate those parties at Huey’s. I had birthday favors for everyone and balloons on the table and brought a cake. It wasn’t the house of hamburgers, but everyone came and had a burger. We were right in the middle of the restaurant. I think I pulled a 12-top together and some friends and family came and there were customers all around, they knew what was going on, everyone said happy birthday, music was going and it was incredible. So I think that was my happiest memory.

Also, I need to add that I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to work for Huey’s. It’s a great place. Right now it’s not what it used to be because of COVID, but the owners have really stepped up to the plate and have really done us right. And I so appreciate that. They just need to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to work for them and with them.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m probably right up there with being the oldest server in the company, I just turned 58, and I don’t think there are too many of us. Also, they refer to me as Sunshine at Huey’s Collierville, and that just warms my heart.