We have Downtown Dining Week and Memphis Black Restaurant Week. Now, a new event is highlighting businesses on Madison Avenue in Midtown Memphis.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, you can just say “Meet Me Along Madison!”

Participating businesses will offer specials for $20.16.

It is not just restaurants participating.

A lot has changed along Madison Avenue in just a few years, including a vibrant Overton Square. So why not highlight what is unique here?

That’s the idea behind Meet Me Along Madison, where restaurants, boutiques, dry cleaners, and even a music studio have specials for the public for two days.

“To bring people to Madison and to keep our businesses on the forefront on your mind and it’s a great place to shop. I love Mom and Pop Madison Avenue. You don’t think about Big Box on Madison Avenue. You think about the Mom and Pops,” director of events on Overton Square Mamie Shannon said.

It is not just Overton Square. It includes businesses all up and down Madison Avenue all the way to Cleveland.

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