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Huey’s 160z Drink Specials

Summer sippin’ at its best! Introducing 4 Huey’s style cocktails, all featured in 16oz mason jars.

Posted 05.15.15 in Huey's News

Huey’s Seasonal Specials

The weather is warm and that means Spring and Summer seasonal specials are back! Introducing the 2015 line-up

Posted 05.15.15 in Huey's News

Grilling Season

The weather is finally getting warmer, and were all ready to bust out those grills!

Posted 03.18.15 in Huey's News

What Madison Means To You

Huey’s Midtown and other Madison Avenue merchants want to see your photos!

Posted 03.16.15 in Huey's News

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re gearing up to celebrate!

Posted 03.06.15 in Huey's News

45th Anniversary

Time to celebrate! We’re turning 45 this year, and we’re ready to throw down!

Posted 03.03.15 in Huey's News

Ring in the New Year at Huey’s

Join for us New Year’s Eve celebrations at all locations. Here’s what we have in store for you.

Posted 12.23.14 in Huey's News

Feeding Memphis Day

Huey’s is honored to participate in the latest book highlighting the Memphis restaurant scene.

Posted 11.05.14 in Huey's News

Frill Pick Contests

If you have ever dined with us before, you have probably noticed all of the toothpicks in the ceiling.

Posted 10.23.14 in Huey's News

Huey’s Seasoning Availability

Have you ever had a yearning for some World Famous Huey’s Seasoning, but you just couldn’t muster up the strength to make it to your closest restaurant location? Maybe you didn’t know the closest place where you could find it?

Posted 10.22.14 in Huey's News