Freddie Fields has been an anchor in the kitchen at Huey’s Midtown since 1999, and celebrated his 13th anniversary with us in January.  His very first job was during his Junior year of high school as a cobbler at his dad’s shoe shop.  He started his first restaurant job at The Commissary in Memphis Country Club at age 20.  He then opened up the TGI Fridays in Overton Square, where he worked for 23 years.

After several other positions at Midway, Kroger’s seafood department, and Bilbo’s, he finally settled in with us here.  He loves all of the people he works with, and says they are all “good people”.

When he is not at work, he loves playing golf.  He is also a deacon at the Church of Christ on Elvis Presley Blvd and Holmes.  Mr. Freddie loves to share about his vacations and the time he spends on his land in Senatobia, MS.  He often talks about how much he loves his wife, Louise. He has 8 kids and 30 grandkids.

Mr. Freddie retired last month to spend more time with his wife and her work, and he is missed by all of us!  We wish him the best of luck and a lot of leisure in his future.