This year, we were a proud sponsor of the second annual Bristerfest, hosted by Brister Street Records.  Bristerfest is a two-day music festival, hosted at the Levitt Shell, which features a series of local bands from across Memphis.  This past weekend had perfect weather for such an event, and we were happy with the turnout.  The event is not only designed to raise awareness and promote local music in the Bluff City, but it also helps raise money for Grow Memphis.  70% of the proceeds from Bristerfest were donated back to Grow Memphis to help fund the Urban Garden Initiative.

The idea for community gardens sprung up in 2001 by Ms. Alcine Arnett, as a way to reconnect older and younger generations in Orange Mound.  GrowMemphis was founded in 2007 with community gardening projects in Hollywood-Springdale and South Memphis joining the one in Orange Mound. Their mission is “to foster the creation of robust community food systems that eliminate hunger, promote health, and further social justice” ( GrowMemphis continues to grow every year, helping Memphis become a more sustainable community.

To learn more about GrowMemphis, visit their website.  Check out Bristerfest’s website as well, and get prepared a bigger and better festival next year.