Huey’s Collierville will close its doors to the public for twelve to fourteen total days, beginning February 19th, 2018, to pursue needed upgrades.

With the help of Traditional Construction, the Collierville location will see upgrades in a couple of areas of the restaurant; mainly the dining room. The bathrooms will be fully renovated and remodeled to look fresh and appealing. The entire dining room floor will be redone with stained concrete and three windows will be installed on the South side graffiti wall to bring in more light. The entire bar counter top will be refurbished along with some other cosmetic woodwork touch ups in dining room and a fresh coat of interior paint. The kitchen will undergo some miscellaneous kitchen floor repairs.

Steve Voss, the Vice President of Huey’s Operations, and Dereck Mayfield, General Manager of Collierville are very proud to announce renovations to our Collierville location. “This store was opened in 1999 and is our fifth location out of our nine stores.  We have been very fortunate to have such great success in Collierville and as a result, we are able to do some renovations and upgrades.” Explains Voss. “Not only do we want our guests to come in and enjoy their burger, but also enjoy their atmosphere while eating.”

Customers can keep up with the renovation progress on Huey’s website and social media:


In the interim, all other eight Huey’s locations will be open for business as normal, so customers don’t have to go without their burger fix.

Andy Meek from the The Memphis Daily News wrote about it as well as Jacob Steimer from the Memphis Business Journal!

Kelly Josephsen wrote about the renovations in the Collierville Herald.


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