On Wednesday, January 23rd, Huey’s was proud to present The Memphis Zoo with a check for $14,555.75. Our six Memphis locations contributed to the 2012 funds raised for the Zoo.

The gift is from two separate fundraisers we hold to support the Zoo each year. The first, the Thomas Boggs Memorial Earthquake Open Golf Tournament, is named in memory of Thomas Boggs, the founder of Huey’s, and a former Memphis Zoological Society Board President.

“My dad cared so much about the Zoo,” Samantha Boggs Dean, Special Projects Coordinator for Huey’s, said. “He reiterated to us to try and make what we have in Memphis better. The Zoo is one of those places.”

Huey’s raised $5,500 of the total from the golf tournament. The remaining sum came from the annual Frill Pick Contest, where Huey’s patrons pay a dollar to guess how many toothpicks were in the ceiling.

“Huey’s has supported every major project we’ve done,” Michele Correia, Director of Development at the Memphis Zoo, said. “We look forward to their continued involvement.”

The gift will go toward the completion of the Zambezi River Hippo Camp exhibit.

We are thankful that news outlets picked up on the story. We were featured on Action News 5 on the following Thursday afternoon, as well as on their website. We are unable to find a link to the news story that was on TV, so please email us if you have any tips!

The Boggs family with Chuck Brady, President of The Memphis Zoo
The Boggs family with Chuck Brady, President of The Memphis Zoo