We are excited to be partnering with Launch Memphis as their first and only restaurant partner

Launch Memphis “supports the earliest stages of entrepreneurship in Memphis with dynamic programs that are designed to help potential entrepreneurs to take the first actionable steps of starting a new business”. Basically, they help a businesses go from just a thought to a full-fledged working venture. Launch Memphis is divided into several subgroups, depending on what stage of business development an organization resides.

Launch Memphis fuels local entrepreneurship:

Anyone can turn to LaunchMemphis for support during all phases of startup and in fact many existing businesses turn to LaunchMemphis for programming to keep up-to-speed on innovation and technology trends.  If you have a raw idea for a new start-up, LaunchMemphis is where you turn before incubators and before investors.

We work specifically with Seed Hatchery and its stage of development. The website gives a great description of the organization:

Seed Hatchery is a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program. We support emerging technology entrepreneurs with $15,000 in capital and strategic mentors to sharpen ideas into strong startups.  In return for this investment, Seed Hatchery and our mentors collectively receive a 10% ownership stake in the Common Stock of the company.

What is our part of this business venture? Huey’s provides space and meals to eager participants of the Seed Hatchery program. Mentors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are all invited to come to Huey’s to discuss ideas, plan out the roads ahead, and determine overall how Seed Hatchery and can these entrepreneurs. Since we have seven locations across town, meetings can occur at any of these locations, whichever is most convenient. We understand the labor and finance behind entrepreneurship, and we want to help out however possible.

So far, Seed Hatchery has helped to build 12 new businesses in the city, and Launch Memphis as a whole has helped build many more.

Launch Memphis hosts many events throughout the city, including their Tech Cocktails nights the second Wednesday of every month. Join in and learn more about them, or visit their website in the meantime.

Photo credit to Mary Thompson