Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital was founded in 1952 and has been going strong ever since.  Not only are they a mainstay in Memphis, but they are nationally and internationally known as one of the Best Children’s Hospitals.  With three areas of specialties: clinical, family, and community, they are a strong force and leader in the medical practice and research fields.

Le Bonheur makes themselves available to all children in need, many of them traveling from across the country to seek services by these industry-leading hospital staff.   Mrs. Howard Pritchard, President of Le Bonheur Club insisted that “The doors of Le Bonheur will never be found closed and will forever hereafter be open to those who come in need, seeking its help.”

Since Le Bonheur is a hospital, research institute, and school, they require a substantial amount of funding to keep their doors open.  Numerous fundraisers are held every year to support Le Bonheur, ranging from 5Ks to benefit dinners and more.

On Sunday, June 24th from 4pm-7pm, TWIGS of Le Bonheur will host “A Sweet Adventure Daddy Daughter Dance” in honor of Father’s Day.  You might remember this dance, formerly known as “The Snow Forest Ball”, as part of the Enchanted Forest in November.  The name and date may have changed, but it is equally as fun. It also provides quality time for Dads to spend with their daughters. There will be crafts, activities, prizes, refreshments, and, of course, dancing.  There will even be local celebrity appearances, as the emcee of the night is meteorologist Jim Jaggers. We are proudly helping with refreshments this year, so keep a look out for our brownies.

You can register for “A Sweet Adventure Daddy Daughter Dance” on the event website.  Also visit the “Ways to Help” section of the Le Bonheur website to see more ways to support the organization.