For a price that reflects the time we live in — $20.16 — visitors to 32 Madison Avenue businesses on Tuesday and Wednesday will be able buy two-for-one meals, products or services like an hour of an architect’s time, tours of Ardent Studio, hot yoga for two, glasses frames, 30 minutes of public relations advice or even a nail trim or “anal gland expression’’ for the dog.

The “Meet Me Along Madison’’ promotion is a creation of the Madison Avenue Business Association to drum up more business.

The venerable Huey’s, for example, stands four blocks away from the Square, yet the avenue’s energy has grown strong enough at its intersection with Tucker that the tavern just punched out extra windows in part so diners can engage more with the street and patio.

“We just thought maybe it would open up some more of the lighting and open up more of the restaurant,’’ said Ashley Griffin, Huey’s marketing and events coordinator. “Be able to look out more on the businesses of Madison.

“Maybe to interact more with people on the patio; everybody wants to be on the patio nowadays… And for people on the outside and the inside to be more together,’’ Griffin said.

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