Memphis’ annual Memphis in May festivities will be wrapping up this Saturday evening with the Sunset Symphony.  The whole town gets excited at the anticipation of the month, and you can feel the slight disappointment when June arrives.  Memphis in May, which first started in 1977, holds many events throughout the month, celebrating the selected country of honor every year.  This focus is designed to educated Memphians about various cultures around the world.  This year we celebrated the Phillipines, which was evident through celebrations during International Week, the Educational Program, and the many decorations at Barbecue Fest.

Though Memphis in May chooses a different country to honor every year, former President Cynthia Ham also says that Memphis in May is designed to give Memphis a sense of self.  Between the festivals celebrating music, barbecue, and a symphony by the river, our community cannot help but hold a sense of pride behind our culture.  These events also foster our community, as they bring many people together that would normally not see one another.

Huey’s is a big supporter of Memphis in May every year.  In fact, Thomas Boggs was President of Memphis in May in 2002, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for many years.  His passion for the event continues today.  His wife, Wight Boggs, now continually serves on the Memphis in May board.  Huey’s proudly donates to the organization and also hosts a group of international guests from the Education Program at one of our locations every year.  We believe Memphis in May is a vital part Memphis.

The live music of the festival has left my ears, and the barbecue my belly.  However, we await a symphony orchestra performance of Old Man River down the Mighty Mississippi this Saturday evening.  See you all there.

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