Nikki Houston, Huey’s Collierville Cook, has been an employee with us for ten years! She’s an avid reader, amazing baker and wonderful team member. We’re thrilled to introduce her to you, and to say “thank you” for ten years of great work!

What has been your favorite part about working at Huey’s?

My favorite part about being at Huey’s, besides working and a nice employment, I guess a little bit of a camaraderie. The environment of it – it’s a good place.

What’s the best part of working in the restaurant industry?

I like serving. I like that people need me. You need a hot , good meal, and I get to deliver that for you.

What’s your best memory from your time at Huey’s?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite memory, but I like the playfulness. When somebody leaves, they know they’re going to get a pie in the face. So I like the playfulness, but you still can get down to business.

What is a fun fact about you?

I’m an avid reader, I like to bake, I love traveling, and I’m originally from Michigan.

I’ve been trying new little things, but I guess my favorite thing to bake would be my grandmother’s buttermilk pie. People down south call it chess pie.

It’s hard to choose a favorite book, because I’ve read so many. But my favorite genre is urban fiction. then I’ll go to sci-fie, fantasy stuff.

My favorite travel Destination is Jamaica. I love it there!