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Our Dining Rooms are Reopening!


After careful consideration, we have decided to open the doors to our dining room. First and foremost, we are so excited to see you again! It has been a tough season for us, as it has been for everyone, and we’re just so grateful that you’ve been there for us through it all.  Secondly, we have decided to take a gradual approach to opening. Only Midtown and Southaven will open this week. This is intentional to ensure that our processes and procedures are tested and go smoothly as we work to open all locations. Third, we are going to do our very best to keep you safe, and we ask that you would do the same for us. We are encouraging our guests to wear your masks as you stand in line and before you are seated at your table. Here are a few things we’ll be doing to ensure your safety.

  • Sanitation stations placed around the restaurant, for your use, as well as our employees
  • All employees wearing masks at all times – no exceptions
  • Glove change/hand washing after bussing every table
  • Extensive sanitation of all tables, booths, hand rails and door handles, at least every thirty minutes
  • A designated cleaning czar to ensure that all items are being cleaned properly and frequently
  • A QR code sign on each table that takes you straight to our virtual menu (you can ask for a disposable menu if needed)
  • Taking temperatures of all employees and vendors
  • COVID-19 screening questionnaires daily for our employees

Our Midtown location will open Wednesday, May 20, and Southaven will open Thursday, May 21. The tentative dates for the other location openings are as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 26: Southwind
  • Wednesday, May 27: Downtown
  • Thursday, May 28: Millington
  • Tuesday, June 2: Collierville & Germantown
  • Wednesday, June 3: Poplar & Cordova
Posted on 05.19.20