Have you ever had a yearning for some World Famous Huey’s Seasoning, but you just couldn’t muster up the strength to make it to your closest restaurant location? Maybe you didn’t know the closest place where you could find it?

Luckily, we now have seasoning available in multiple stores around the city. Here is a list of all the places you can find it:

  1. All 8 Huey’s locations, of course:  Just ask a staff member next time you are visiting us, and we can add it directly to your tab.
  2. Kroger: Huey’s seasoning is available in every Kroger in the Memphis metro area. You can simply pick some up when doing the rest of your grocery shopping. It will be on the isle with all of the seasonings. If you do not see it on the shelves, ask a Kroger associate for help.
  3. SuperLo: Huey’s seasoning is also available in all SuperLo stores in Memphis.
  4. Cash Saver: Our seasoning is ready for purchase at Memphis Cash Saver locations, on the seasoning isle.
  5. Miss Cordelia’s: This charming grocery store in the heart of Harbor Town carries many eclectic and locally sourced goods. Our seasoning is one of these. This is also the closest grocery store to our Downtown residents.
  6. Visitor’s Centers: Our seasoning is available at both of the Memphis Visitor Centers on I40, in Arlington and Downtown right after you cross the bridge.
  7. Prime Cut Shoppe: You can find our seasoning in the Prime Cut Shoppe, located in Folk’s Folly in East Memphis.
  8. Millington Naval Base: All of you military vets and families that shop on the base can now pick up our seasoning there too.
  9. Big Star: That charming ‘ol grocery store on White Station Road.
  10. Naifeh’s Market: Locations in Covington and Munford
  11. Kay’s Grocery: Get your seasoning all the way down in Senatobia, MS.
  12. Southern Meat Market: Located on Southern Avenue.
  13. Blues City General Store: Stroll down Beale Street and grab some seasoning there too.
  14. Memphis BBQ Supply: For those of you in Bartlett, TN.
  15. Charlie’s Meat Market: We have their beef ground and delivered fresh daily for our burgers. When grabbing meat for your home cookin’, grab some seasoning to throw on it while you’re there.
  16. Grocery Basket: For our friends in Grenada, MS.
  17. High Point Grocery: This charming grocery store in High Point Terrace offers many local and signature items, our seasoning included.
  18. Online: If you live out of town or simply do not want to leave your home, you can buy our seasoning here on the website. We will ship it right to your front door!