Another Huey’s location is about to get a facelift. Huey’s Southwind will close its doors to the public for seven to nine total days, beginning October 31, 2016, to pursue needed upgrades.

With the help of Traditional Construction, the Southwind location will see upgrades in several areas of the restaurant. The bathrooms will be completely renovated to make the space more inviting, including new tile walls and floors, lighting, partitions, and fixtures. In addition to new bathrooms, Southwind will also move ice bins to allow for additional inside seating, update the kitchen and bar flooring, make room for additional bar seating, add a fresh coat of paint to the interior, and increase the number of micros computers to improve efficiency of service on the patio. Guests can also expect additional TVs on the patio and interior of the restaurant, for improved viewing experiences.

Customers can keep up with the renovation progress on Huey’s website and social media:

In the interim, all other seven Huey’s locations will be open for business as normal, so customers don’t have to go without their burger fix.

Meagan Nichols wrote about our updates in the Memphis Business Journal!

Andy Meeks also informs Memphis of Southwind closing in the Memphis Daily News!


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After the renovations, The Memphis Business Journal wrote about the Southwind location reopening!