We recently got to meet Sarah in the Surburbs, as she brought her beautiful family up to Memphis for a weekend. Here’s a snippet of her experience with us:

In case you missed it earlier, I wrote an extensive overview of our recent travels to Memphis, but I left out one teeny, tiny detail: the food. Like all good southern cities, Memphis has a plethora of options when it comes to dining, and, no, we didn’t just eat barbecue (although what we did eat was really, really good). Keep an open mind as you continue to read because this list is by no means an exclusive list (after all, there are only so many times one can stuff one’s face during the vacation).

Huey’s is a legendary Memphis staple, and for good reason. It began 45 years ago as a bar and has since transition over into a bar and restaurant combination. It’s a family run business that supports the local economy in Memphis, but even some of the locals think Huey’s is a “chain” because it now has 8 locations all over Memphis and its surrounding suburbs. I got the Smokey Melt Burger and Neil got the West Coast Burger.

I love me a good patty melt, and the one I ate at Huey’s definitely satisfied. Never would I ever have thought guacamole on a burger would be delicious, but it totally was. Also, get the onion rings. You will thank me later.

Oh, and what am I doing here? Apparently it’s a “thing” in Huey’s to shoot toothpicks at the ceiling and see if they stick. Quite fun and possibly a little dangerous. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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